What we do

We Buy Cephalopods, Rock and flatfish from Artisan fishermen Daily.

Our ethos: Uncompromising quality and a deliver or die attitude.

Now a larger venture we can provide better service and cater for larger volumes without losing quality and ensuring prompt delivery.

We buy daily from our artisan fishermen thus ensuring great quality.

We transport our cargo to our processing plants (always at the port of purchase) where they are selected and classified by hand one by one.

After exhaustive quality control and classification, we process according to the specifications of each client (IQF, IWP, HGT…) and then freeze it in our quick-freezing chambers.

We sell what we source and produce.We DO NOT deal with third party stocks.

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Where we are

We are in West Africa

We have operations in West Africa (West Sahara, Mauritania, and Senegal), an area known for its rich marine biodiversity.

Contact us

Nouadhibou. Valencia Bus. Suites & Hotel. Boulevard Dubai, Nouadhibou, Mauritanie.
Nuakchot. Port de pêche à Nouakchott 440, Nouakchott, Mauritanie.

Rue DD104 S.I.C.A.P. DIEUPAIL, Dakar.

West Sahara
Quartier Elmassira 03 Avenue Habouha Ben Soudani N°3456, Dakhla 73000.